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About Us.

About Harrison Teas

I am a one man enterprise from good old Cardiff who sells the best teas I possibly can at a reasonable price.

I am always looking to find those teas that  the experts are hiding away. My stock can change daily but rest assured  I will always try to find the best teas possible, please don't hesitate to contact me Shanedharrison@yahoo.co.uk if you are looking for any tea so long as it is not branded I will do my best to find it for you.


Quality is our watch word when it come to stocking new tea, we aim to find the best quality teas possible at a fair price for both the consumer and grower.

It is our aim to only stock teas that are OP and above for all our estate teas with blended teas being of the same standard where ever possible.

By only using the best ingredients our  teas are hopefully of the highest quality. 


Harrison Teas do our best to source our tea through established relationships, individual plantations, coops and long standing partners.

The environment  and sustainability is of paramount importance to Harrison Teas.


Harrison Teas are committed to provide as wide a range of tea as is possible, we aim to stock teas from all tea growing regions of the world.


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